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My favorite Free Website Traffic Generator is not a Software but instead the old-fashioned downline builder or downline club.

The reason I am saying this is because other Free Website Traffic Generator either set you up with a false hope of one button simplicity or they only have limited features or timed trials before you are paying to access the free traffic. In the end I have never used one that stayed up to date or of which the results of the free website traffic generator didn’t fall off.

So How does a Downline Builder Work as a Free Website Traffic Generator?

The first thing to keep in mind is that free traffic comes with the price of time. Even with those software there is set up and update time and time to submit, then time to clean up all those e-mails sent to your inbox confirming dozens and just reading and deleting hundreds more because you don’t know which are which.

As a free website traffic generator software goes you still must surf your minimums, join all the sites in them, and that’s in hopes they are up to date, and still work a month from now. Worse yet, many are auto submission tools to sites that prohibit such submissions like Classifieds Ads Sites or Article and Website Directories.

How do Downline Builders Save Time for the user?

As a Free Website Traffic Generator a downline builder is a perfect match. You join the programs in the builder, add in your affiliate ID’s give 1 good e-mail address to admin so you know when new programs are added, and create a calendar to remind you to surf 50 pages a month or more in each exchange to keep your accounts active and remind you to assign earned credits.

Free Website Traffic Generator

But 50 surfed sites are not a lot of traffic in each exchange.

No, it’s not a ton of traffic but the beauty of the system is that You will focus all those surfs on the downline builder which if it’s a good one like the one at SFI Advantage will also have multiple streams of income built in including upgrades or Advertising Cooperative Memberships. You can use these earnings to build a paid advertising budget for your primary program, or you can use these streams for a great business of your own.

The best part is that you only must promote one link to earn all this traffic & income and your referrals are compelled to join these optional but lucrative businesses, paying you along the way.

Free Website Traffic Generators Round Up.

A good downline builder will have traffic programs that pay traffic on referral surfing too. As you refer people to the downline builder they in turn have to surf a minimum 50 sites in each exchange per month earning you free traffic credits. In many cases the exchange will pay traffic back down 3-5 levels so you could gain hundreds of credits a month without surfing. I get over 150 free visitors a month when I don’t surf from each of several exchanges and they pay out more when I surf more. I also suggest tracking them in LeadsLeap for traffic sent and amount of bounce traffic and upgrading in a couple of your best exchanges.

How do I put the Free Website Traffic Generator on steroids?

The more you surf the more leads into your system and a good Traffic Exchange Browser can help you with the surfing and mailings. The only reason I picked 50 a month for each exchange is it can generate you 5,000-10,000+ visitors a month on about 15 minutes a day.

I personally surf around 100 sites a week on each exchange to feed the advertising coop at SFI Advantage, which in turn is up to about 20,000 visitors a month across our network of sites. 400 time 20 exchanges is 8,000 surfs a week times an average of 3:1 surfing so 2700 visitors a week plus those from traffic downlines adds up quickly. That doesn’t account for additional traffic from mailers and safelist, or paid traffic from the revenues produced by the Advertising Cooperative.

I surf 10 sites at a time, so I do 50 surfs a day in about 45 minutes and do that 4-5 days a week. I then have time to check my programs, do social media marketing, and write a blog post or article somewhere even do some forum marketing in about 4 hours of my day.

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