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What is in a Traffic Ad bar Review?


Description of the system is the first thing this Traffic Ad Bar Review will need, we will then go on to comment on the types of traffic to expect, and quality of the traffic received. An overview of how these elements mix in is in order as well as our overall impressions of the system. Before any of that can happen, we need to establish our experience in Traffic and Advertising exchange reviewing. Without trust, integrity, and experience this Traffic Ad Bar Review is worthless.


Who I Am and My Qualifications to Review Traffic Exchange Systems.


My name is Andy Zeus Anderson and I have been an online marketer and used traffic exchange systems since January 2003. I have also owned 2 traffic exchanges, ZTC Traffic and Traffic Fire Storm, and will soon launch a companion exchange to this blog called Tomahawk Traffic on the .com to this domain. Both of these exchanges also had text ad exchanges built in and I also owned a Safelist back in 2004 called Ad-works safelist.

This gives me experience as both customer and owner. Before I do this Traffic Ad Bar Review I must state that I am a satisfied member but will share my thoughts on features and missing features. The links to the exchange however are affiliate URLs which means I will earn traffic and if someone chooses to upgrade I may earn cash from this review.


Type of Traffic to expect from this Traffic Ad Bar Review


Traffic Ad Bar is a type of Free Website Traffic Generator known as a TAE or Text Ad Exchange. You have multiple options to show or view other member’s ads to earn credits and points used to display your websites. In the case of Traffic Ad Bar you will find multiple manners to show their ads on your sites to earn credits while advertising elsewhere. The first is a URL Mask every link added has a link assigned for.

Traffic Ad Bar Review Example

This mask displays the classic ad bar at the footer of the site as it is shown around the web. You earn views from the displays of the bar ads that are clicked on by your viewers. This feature monetizes traffic not interested in your main offer but can be somewhat distracting for many. The other style is direct placements for blogs and websites you own. This works like Adsense Ads but earning you traffic and referrals instead of a share of advertising revenue.


The Main Way To Earn Hits and Points


The primary way to earn traffic is by exchange surfing. The exchange works in many ways like a traffic exchange except that you have a choice in which of several advertisements you review. If you have ever used LeadsLeaps you will know how this system works. By allowing choice in ads the surfer has already shown an interest in what you have to say on the next page. If the next page bolsters the information of the ad text they may sign up for an e-mail sequence to explain further or join the program.


Out Traffic Adv Bar Review


One of the first things that confuses a few coming in is this points versus traffic system Traffic Ad Bar has. You surf and it gives you points and then every 25 sites you finally get hits which are traffic earned. If you read through the getting started pages though you will find that points earn ranks up a ladder. The more you surf the higher your ladder position so the more often your ads show. Upgraded members get free Hits every month and more points per surf allowing for higher positions to be reached for your ads. My ads after a week are now on level 6 and climbing and the traffic is good as a Pro Lite member (9.95 a month) so I am getting some good traffic off around 300 surfs a day I am getting around 380 visitors a day split between two sites in rotation. Al in all we give a great deal of Kudos for the uniqueness of this TAE.


Summary of Traffic Ad Bar Review:


While the pros, cons, and rating for Traffic Ad Bar below will tell a tale experience is the best telltale for an exchange of any type. Not all exchanges traffic, text, or safelist AKA Mailers are a good fit for all and some may fit you like a glove. Traffic Ad Bar is a exchange we proudly say experience it for yourself.


If this review was helpful or you have questions and comments leave a comment below.


Traffic Ad Bar Review

Traffic Ad Bar Review

Traffic Volume


Traffic Quality


Admin Support


Ease of Use


Options and Features



  • Great Traffic Quality
  • Excellent Traffic Volume
  • Points SYSTEM is Cool as a Twist
  • Great display
  • Few if any service interuptions


  • They don't sell credits.
  • The best upgrade is 39.99 a month.
  • Some Ads are Low Quality
  • No mechanism to show targeted ads
  • Banner Ads only for Pro and Above

Author: Andy Zeus Anderson

Proud father of 7, husband of 1, blogger of several, and affiliate marketer.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Ad Bar Review”

  1. Traffic Ad Bar is on point! It would be in your best interest if you do not get turned off by its point system, as you may be used to a credit system. These days it’s the traffic exchange that I choose to use the most. I get more conversions and generate more prospects here than any other TE…and this includes those with larger membership numbers.

    One pro that I’d like to add is that you can surf while you’re on the move as Traffic Ad Bar is mobile friendly. Feel free to surf on your smart phone, tablet, and of course, laptops.

    The one con I’d like to add is that many members take no regard for the aesthetics of their ads. Unlike many other traffic exchanges at TAB you can actually “target” your ads by constructing ad copy (for viewers to see). As a result, you will find that many members use improper grammar and punctuation, making ads look ridiculous as they appear on “the bar” across a vast network of other websites.

    If you choose to place the code on a site that you own so that “the bar” is embedded there, this silly ad copy makes your site look a bit unprofessional. Then again, that’s a personal preference of mine, though.

    TAB provides quality traffic and/or conversions, nonetheless.

    1. I put a couple small boxes on my sites to earn credits but have been thinking of taking them down as stated because there are people who don’t know a legit opportunity and advertise anyhow or simply don’t know how to write a compelling ad so it looks like a two year old got in mom’s lipstick, lots of pretty colors but just non of it makes sense.

      Thanks for a well thought comment.

      Andy Zeus Anderson

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